Dare to be different

Day 694. I particularly appreciate two quotes of Oscar Wilde :

« Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone elses opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation »


« Be yourself; everyone else is already taken »



They both tell the same truth: only original matters, copies are just copies! Those two quotes came to my mind when this morning I read this post from Gary Ryan Blair: Dare to be different. I wrote other posts on this, but as I approach my next birthday (more on this soon), some questions come to mind (hey, we all have questions, the older I get the less answers I receive). So it’s always good to be reminded sometimes that we are who we are. As I was sharing in this post from last year, it’s the original painting that costs the most. A copy costs nothing.

Society does everything it can to make all of us to conform to the original it has imagined. Get rid of this, free yourself and be who you are deep inside. It’s frightening for most of us, but the only way to live a full life! It may not please others, it may be make you like an ugly duck, a weirdo or an original, and this is exactly what we should aim being, an original! Be yourself, everyone else is taken! Have a wonderful day!

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