How do you live when you’re born in a kitchen? In the rush! I was not exactly born in a kitchen, per se, but as the son of a chef, I still feel so. If this has given me the love of food, it has also given me a sense of living and enjoying the present. Feeling the flow of adrenalin in a Michelin star-awarded restaurant’s kitchen. Once entering a kitchen, with its written and unwritten rules, you enter a parallel world, a bubble full of passion, speed and quality.

However, a kitchen is a reflection of real life. Delivering a great dish requires knowledge, focus and action. No distraction, no BS, and no mourning. There’s only one reality: the present. And this has shapped my journey in life, my search and my philosophy: There’s only one reality: the one we live in at this exact moment. The past is gone and the future is still to happen.

I created this blog because I was fed up about the media carrying stupid and biased messages about the 2008 financial crisis. There’s no crisis in a kitchen but the one you create. There’s no crisis in your life ut the one you create. The financial crisis in 2008 was real and its repercussion to millions of individual tangible. The way you react to it is your choice and mine has been to start this blog to distill ideas about happy, successful and useful living.

I am not a proponent of the conspiracy theory, I believe that media is the worst way to get informed and the worst element to make your life meaningful. Media, particularly television, but slowly internet, is a brainwashing engine. It contributes nothing to making people better, it makes people dumber and lazier. We have one life, better live it to our best abilities.

Every day we make decision and I use the Eisenhower decision matrix below. Simple and sound, it helps be productive and more importantly, it helps focus on what matters. And what matters is what makes a difference in my life and the life of others I can influence. The rest is noise.

TheEisenhowerMatrixMy goal with this blog is to bring value to my readers by giving ideas, tips and tricks to get more from this life. Enjoy, and comment!


Note: the tagline is from Maya Angelou and the picture is mine.

Note 2: if you want to learn a little bit more about me, you may find the blog post useful, and of course, my About Me page.

Note 3: The title of this blog is “Crisis, What Crisis?” which happen to be a Supertramp album. I did not think about it when I created this blog, but found this a happy coincidence, as I was a big fan of Supertramp in the 80’s.

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  1. Trouver le point commun : Informaticien, 42 ans, string léopard, aime le champagne, le lave linge et les blagues salaces …

  2. Salut Marc,

    Content de te lire ici sur ce sympathique blog libre qui convient mieux a ta liberte d’expression. C’est ce que j’aime chez toi malgre certain de tes choix 😉 tu dis ce que tu penses. J’aimerai bien te revoir si t’as 5 mn un jour… Bien a toi 🙂


    • Merci de ton commentaire. J’espère que tout se passe bien de ton côté. N’hésite pas à ajouter des commentaires aux articles. Au plaisir.

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