Can 100% focus be an option?

J 659 - 2Day 659. It cannot! Either you’re in, or you’re out. Either you’re committed, or you’re lying to you and to others. Either you’re ready to deliver beyond expectations, or you are just average, and therefore disposable. If you read this post, there is a large chance you are living in a country that offers you all possible opportunities. If you read this post, there is a chance you’ve travelled and have gone to countries where a majority of the population is not offered those opportunities. So if you read this post, you have no choice but to 100% all-in, 100% committed, 100% focused. Not being as such is the biggest fraud you can be to you and to others.

Even, if you feel a cog in a monstrous machine, you’re doing a disservice to you, your company and others by not being the best you can be. It’s only by being the best you can change the world for good. Doing average work, lying, or only looking for your own comfort is just sad. Some may laugh, may think I’m a dreamer or a stupid blind, but I truly believe that whatever you do, you have to do it to the best of your ability. You have to give 100% of yourself. The world is the best it can be at present. We can always wish it were better, but wishes are for the average, realizations are for active dreamer who know they can change the system, they can enhance lives, and they can live fully.

The price to pay to make the world better is just to be your best. So 100% focus is not an option, because you cannot deliver 100% value if you’re not 100% focused. Simple, not easy!

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