3 working days are lost in front of the TV each week

Weathering the storm

Rule number 1: Switch your TV off! – Fourth Part



Day 540. In 2013, many newspaper and online news sites revealed that the French were spending, on average, 3h50 in front of their TV every day ! I assume other countries will have similar statistics.

If I do a quick calculation, this represents close to 27 hours every week in front of a TV set. This is actually more than 3 full working days. Just imagine if half of that time was dedicated to a form of enjoyable work like, for instance, personal development or professional training. With an additional of 13 hours of training every week, we would have a country infinitely more competitive that any other developped country, with a skilled workforce. Of course, we could think of transforming that time into other fun activities that help individual to have a more fulfilling life.

However, making the choice of switching TV time with something that really matters to each of us is a choice. A personal choice and a political choice. Because TV is the best way to convey political propaganda, therefore from a political standpoint, the power has nothing to gain for their own rights in trying to cut TV watching time. Therefore, all that is left is the personal choice. Are you willing to cut your TV time to grow? It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s just a matter of chosing it. Are you ready?

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