Stop all the noise in your life to unleash your greatness

Picture by Luke Chesser -

Picture by Luke Chesser –

Day 511. It has been proven scientifically that multitasking is less productive than monotasking. This means that if you have multiple activities to undertake, it’s preferable to do them in series, each one after the other, than in parallel, all at the same time switching back and forth. There’s another thing I’ve discovered in terms of the ultimate productivity is to stop any form of noise.

What do I call noise? Loud music, switched on TV, social networks… noise can be heard, seen or felt. You CANNOT produce quality work if you are distracted by noise. The only way is to be razor-sharp focused on what you are producing. Quality comes at the price of 100% focus. Switch off the noise and get back to work, one step at a time.

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