Do you want to become the best of the world?

Best of the world

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Day 510. I was listening, while driving, to Seth Godin. The talk titled « Leap First » touched many topics close to my heart and the one that clicked particularly well over the week-end was the notion of « best of the world ». Of course becoming best of the all world is scary, is crazy and is probably not reachable for most of us, but who knows? However, look at the difference between the title and the scary piece above.

In the title I wrote « best of the world », in the scary I wrote « best of the all world ». The difference lies into this single word all. Being the best of the world is becoming the best of your world. You define your world. If you bake bread, do you want to bake the best bread of your neighborhood? Do you want to offer the best value to your customers when it comes to bread? This is a crucial question. Because this is what defines to be the best of the world and potentially be allowed on the path of becoming one of the bests of the all world.

Of course, it will require talent and efforts, but in the end do you want to become the best of the world and be recognized as such? It’s not only a powerful concept, it’s the only way to make work that matters to you and to others.

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