The 7 best hacks to reach 100% productivity

Photograph by Craig Garner -

Photograph by Craig Garner –

Day 512. With all the media around us trying to grab our attention, a scarce resource, it may be difficult to stay focused. Beyond this, we are all equal in terms of hours: each day has 24 hours. How do you get to 100% productivity, unleashing your best work, day in, day out? Here’s what is working in my daily life:

  • Early morning work. 5AM is a wonderful time. Dawn in summer, darkness in winter, it’s always a very quiet time. I generally grab a good cup of coffee and use this fine hour to produce my best work, in the quietness of the early morning.
  • 50-minute chunk. With some training and discipline, you’ll be able to stay focus for almost a full hour. What I experimented as the best is a 50-minute chunk followed by a 10-minute walk, stretch or nap.
  • Switch off distraction. Switch your Wi-Fi off while you work on a specific activity, switch off all push notification. The best invention? Airplane mode. Activate the airplane mode on your laptop, tablet and phone, and start working.
  • Switch on for a limited time. Dedicate a special 50-minute chunk for email, social networks and any other online activities.
  • Appreciate the sound of silence. Get a noise-cancelling headset, switch it on if you happen to live or work in a noisy environment. Use it to isolate yourself from the surrounding noise. If you’ve never tried, I can guarantee this is a unique experience that you will never regret. One caveat: invest in the best possible technology here. Cheap does not last. Look for high end.
  • Use inspiring music. My soundtrack is probably not yours, but chose one that inspires and moves you. I love Mozart and Bach, relaxation and lounge music, Brahms lieder and some light operas, but the choice is yours.
  • Every day sweat. If you have not read Spark!, do it! There is scientific evidence between physical exercise and brain activity. invest at least 30 minutes of every day to do some physical activities. As the authors of the book say: « Aerobic exercise physically remodels our brains for peak performance ».

Once you get started, produce, produce, produce until you ship. Production without shipping is a waste.

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