Once upon a time 500 days ago

500Day 500 – The number is big. 500 days ago I started writing a daily blog posts on ideas that came through my mind on any topic from sea salt to public speaking. I wrote on the learnings of the first 365 days. I took a break trying to start other writing projects. Then I came back, skipping some days, taking a blog diet also. And two things are kind of funny and interesting:

  1. When I do not write my daily post, I feel guilty (for the readers who expect it as I discovered recently)
  2. When I do not write my daily post, too many ideas are coming to me and I do not have a way to channel them and keep them alive

So, I think I am cursed (positively) in writing my daily post, sometimes with a little delay, sometimes programming it to be posted automatically, sometimes longer, and sometimes shorter. Anyhow, I would love to hear from you. What topics are you interested in, what you would you read, what does inspire you. Let me know and we have another 500 days until post 1,000!

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