Day 499 – The 2 sides of the same coin

two-sides-of-the-same-coin-smallerEvery coin has 2 sides: heads and tails. Every tough situation has 2 sides: blame and learning. It’s interesting how a majority of people tend to blame while very few learn. I tend to think it’s our education system or just our education who’s to blame, however we can learn and change. Blame is energy flowing out of our own lives. Learning is energy flowing into our lives. It should be a no-brainer which side to choose. However it’s easier to blame than to learn, and we fall into the blame trap while following the path of least resistance.

Blame can be avoided by building the habit of switching to learning quickly. Energy is always moving, like electric current. Let us be the anode of a charging battery in which current flows in, while the same anode gives back when discharging.

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