5 meditation myths debunked



Day 554. Meditation is making a comeback these days. Nothing surprising in a world described and lived as stressful. Of course, for some, meditation seems to be something for people who have time, for people who are not strong-willed, and for people who are quiet and laidback. Nothing is farther from the truth. Not only everybody can benefit from a 10-minute meditation, but medical studies have proven the positive effects of meditation.

Now, it’s true that meditation can be seen as challenging by many: My mind wanders and won’t keep quiet, I do not feel comfortable my leg crossed sitting on the floor, I feel stupid meditating, are common feedback from people who tried and stopped. However, as Light Watkins explains in this video, effects are visible, may be not by you but by your peers. In his TEDx talk, he debunks simply five common myths about meditation:

Myth 1: I’m a bad meditator if I cannot quiet my mind.

Myth 2: There’s no correct way to meditate.

Myth 3: I don’t have time to meditate.

Myth 4: Meditation will solve all my problems.

Myth 5: Success in meditation is based on stillness on my mind.

Go and watch this TEDx talk, inserted above for convenience, and start meditating daily for 10 minutes. Ask for help to a meditation practitioner if you do not succeed in your first meditations. As Light says, meditation will give your time back on top of other many benefits, one of which is increased productivity, one of my obsession. No negative effects, only positive, still hesitating?

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