You never thank too much

Day 550. The most two powerful words of the English language are thank you! You never thank other enough or too much. Nobody’s forcing anybody to be kind and nice, to spend time cooking a good meal, to welcome you, to take care of your home when you’re away, to give you a helpful hand to finish a project, just to name a few things. Always take the time to thank others.

I take this occasion to thank you for being my readers. I know some of you are reading every post, some are coming once in a while, and others come and go. Whatever you do, wherever you stay, whoever you are, thank you! With no readers, no bloggers. With no followers, no tweets. Do not hesitate to let me know if some topics resonate more than others, if you want me to write about some questions you have in your mind. I am serving you with my words. Once again, thank you for the depth of my heart..

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