The 10 rules to thrive through a time of crisis

Photograph by Morgan Sessions -

Photograph by Morgan Sessions –

Day 514. Between December 2008 and April 2009, while the financial crisis was in full swing, I started this blog and published posts on 8 rules to thrive through the crisis. I announced I would be publishing 10 rules, but posted only 8… the crisis probably took a 20% tax. Nevertheless, 6 years later, the financial crisis is still there. For sure some countries have better weathered the storm, but some are still lagging behind. Emerging countries seem better off than developed countries, will it be the case in the coming years.

However, if each crisis is an opportunity, there are simple rules that have always worked for me to weather any storm, any crisis, any hurdle, and any challenge and those are the ones I will share in the coming posts over the next month, based on the 8 I posted 6 years ago. They are drawn from my personal experience and my personal research. You may know some of those, if not all, and the one thing I can say is that they work! What they are not:

  • A silver bullet. You will not get all that you want by following them. You need to adapt, tweak, act and take risks.
  • A philosophy. I am a pragmatic guy. Although I love thinking and imagining what I could and want to do, I am hands on and do not think for the pleasure of it. I think for the pleasure to act.
  • A shield protecting you from failure. You will fail, integrate this. Failure is an integral part of any learning and any success! Those rules will not avoid you to fail but will help you to get back on your feet faster.

What are they then?

  • A set of means to an end. Simple, pragmatic activities you can put at play to reach your own objectives faster and better.
  • A solid foundation. The building is yours to build!
  • Simple down to earth principles for a rock solid life of success whatever the weather is.

Ready to enhance your life? Come with me then!

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