Mediocrity is a curse, Mastery is a blessing

no-mediocrity-480Day 504. Mediocrity seems to prevail these days in the world and in many aspects of our lives. Mediocre means average. However, how do we want to succeed in our lives if we aim at average? Mediocre results are nothing to be proud of, they are just average, in the middle of all others. Every step above mediocrity is an important one, because it makes mastery results closer.

Now, there’s no secret: mediocre efforts cannot lead to mastery results. To be a master of one’s craft, one has to work on it every day, relentlessly, even painfully. Even if we cannot all be master, this should be our aim, the purpose of our lives, and the devotion of our hours. All of us has something to contribute to this world. It’s an insult to humanity to accept mediocrity, only mastery should be pursued. Tough to accept, but the only way to develop pride and excellence.

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