Dream big, act small, everyday

4846_20120417_133125_dreamsDay 505. As with mediocrity, it seems more and more people, with the never ending crisis that medias relay relentlessly every day, have downsized their dream. They are trying to weather the storm and keep their profile low. The fact is there’s no perfect time to dream big. Dreaming big means imagining a world in which each realizes his/her wildest dream and strives. This is independent of what’s happening outside. In fact, I truly believe there has not been a better time to dream big. The world is in a middle of a vast transformation and there are many opportunities to grab.

Dreaming big is not an end, it’s a beginning. Every day, you need to do your part to make your dream come true. Look at an ant, whatever the distance, it will carry a bigger load than itself and will walk relentlessly. The same applies to all of us. If you do not think you can realize your dreams, all that you have to do is standing still and watching TV. But then do not complain if others are making progress, or showing off, or living a wealthy life. If you are serious about realizing your dreams, then start acting upon them. Describe the path to your dreams, describe each step that you need to make and make them, once at a time. You know the saying: « how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! ». It’s the same with your dreams. Move to them, once step at a time and be prepared for setbacks, because there will be some. So when one happens, regroup, refocus and do the next step again.

Water will dig a hole in a rock one drop at a time. It succeeds because of consistency. Do the same, add your daily step to your routine, and make it a habit. One day, your dream will come true. Not magically, but because your walked the talk. It’s as simple as that. But hey, I said simple, not easy! Go!

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