Turn On Reality

Geoff Lewis, partner of Peter Thiel who supported Trump, writes an incisive post on Donald, titled Turn On Reality. Of course it’s a pun, the word reality is referring to both our own reality – Trump has been elected -, the reality the world is in and Trump comes from – Reality TV -.

It’s a call to people to wake up, to lift their head from their smartphones, to talk to their neighbor. I wrote multiple times on this blog to unplug the TV, to unplug social medias, the worst time consumer of this world. People do not live for themselves anymore, they live to look like others, they think TV is the real life, that social media delivers the right news.

Like-minded people have always find ways to gather. The discussions they have together reinforces their belief, It’s no surprise that religious people go to church, it’s necessary to reinforce their belief. Social networks and Reality TV have become the new churches of the 21st century on which you will always find a priest to sermon!

« Sure enough, it’s almost always impossible to discern the authenticity from the agenda ».

This is one of the biggest concerns I have when people do not realize TV is fake! They think TV, whether Reality TV, debates, etc is the real life! But no! It’s scripted! If it were not, advertising company would not buy space. The only purpose of any given show today it to sell advertisement space! Once you’ve understand and realized this, you just switch the TV off FOREVER! Same with Facebook! The only good use of those sh*t is to TURN THEM OFF!

« Presidents reflect our culture, and since the dawn of Hollywood, our culture has been celebrity-obsessed ». There has been Reagan, now the US has Trump. They had Schwarzenegger too in California, France had Sarkozy, who is definitely a show man. People do not elect the most capable, but the best liar!

« If we take Trump seriously, it may not be safe for me to write a post like this a year from now »

I still remind everybody that Nazi is short for National Socialist (It’s actually National Socialist German Worker’s Party, does not really sound evil, does it?), nothing frightening… at the beginning. History loves to repeat itself, because very few know history and learn from it. The vast majority ignores it! We cannot deny that Trump has been elected by the workers left on the street by globalization, by those people who rejected the elite and had their voice heard on the resounding board of nationalism. Will free press will continue to exist in the US?

« The antidote to fear is empathy »

Trump was elected on fear: fear from the others, fear from the globalization, fear from the difference, fear from the reality. But the reality is others, is difference, is right now, here, outside, in the real world, not the one created by a screen.

So Reality is here and now, and we have a duty to draw a clear line and to start taking care of each other, including those who do not have the same opinion. Diversity is a blessing, not a curse. Difference creates beauty, uniformity creates ugliness. There’s a lot to be learned from this election, people will wake up with a hangover, so what? We just need to continue to listen, to teach, and to love others.


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