Enough small things by enough people coalesce into the next big thing

The title of this post comes from today’s post of Seth Godin titled Resilience. And yesterday, a lot of small things (votes) by enough people (the people of the United States of America) coalesced into the next BIG thing (sending Donald Trump in the White House) that the world commented today.

Sometimes, ideas and reality collide. And this creates the next firework of ideas made reality. What will come out of it, nobody can predict. However, the topic was in every discussion. But what will change in your own life? Now, right now? Nothing! We will see next year when Trump is really in Power, but for the time being, business as usual!

Enough is enough, if you’re not close to the Donald and do not expect a job in the coming government, go back to work, switch the TV off, unplug the social networks, shut the noise up! The Earth is still spinning, coffee is grinding and the sun rose this morning! Enjoy!

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