5 good reasons to step out of the herd



Day 702 In nature, most hunted animals live in herds: gnus, antelopes, buffalos, to name a few. Most hunting animals live in tribes: lions, hyena, or hippos. Some tribes are hunted too of course, but herds are rarely hunters. When it comes to the human animal, the herd and the tribe are generally metaphors. Any human may be part of the herd when it comes to politics, believing the biggest liar, and part of the small tribe that loves paragliding for instance. Admittedly, human herds and tribes are not about hunting, at least not as in life and death, however they are about behaviors, decision-making, and happiness. Some people love to conform and be part of the herd, however most, if not all, belong to one or more tribes they feel good with because it feels good. Politicians have always targeted herds, marketing used to and still is with less and less success, successful businesses are no longer taking care of herds but do their best to penetrate as many tribes as possible. Belonging to a herd gives a feeling of security, this is what society wants us to believe in. As Napoleon Bonaparte rightly said: « The herd seek out the great, not for their sake but for their influence; and the great welcome them out of vanity or need. » Some days ago I was writing on being different, being ourselves, not conforming to what society wants to us to conform. Here are 5 good reasons that came to my mind, why the herd mentality has to be avoided to become the true you.

  1. Man is a thinking animal and as such can form his or her own ideas. Use your brain to think and make decisions, do not let others, politicians, businesses, activists decide for you. You are your master!
  2. My needs are different from my neighbor’s. Maslow have defined human needs, and we may all have the same kind at the physiological, safety and love levels. However, when it comes to self-actualization and self-transcendence, their realization is different for each individual. It’s critical to find your path and your tribe.
  3. Success comes to the audacious not to the conformist. Look around you to famous and successful people, they have some characteristics in common, but are mostly weirdos and risk takers.
  4. Happiness is the result of achievement, and achievement does not come without risks. Do things nobody else does, do not listen to the naysayers, feel the thrill of having tested your limits.
  5. Herds are manipulated. Read the quote of Napoleon, it’s the basis of politics, and go back to point number 1.

Our modern world has reinforced both the herd and the tribe feeling. The herd goes shopping on the Black Friday or on the first day of sales, resulting in really stupid behaviors. Tribes are easily identified and built with social networks, crowdfunding and modern technology. It has never been easier to get rid of a herd and make our own decision. Tribes are becoming far more powerful than herds. Step out of the herd!

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