Aspiration, motivation and the art of living

Day 651. Whatever you do, are you motivated? Do you go to work with a smile on your face on Monday morning? Last week, we came up with an interested idea. Here it is. We all have goals in life. It can be a trip to make, a budget to reach or a just somebody to please. Now, here are two simple question: does this goal motivate you? Is it something you aspire to do? Delivering a goal may not be motivating, it’s just, sometimes, doing what you are paid for or what you can do without much effort.

With this in mind, if you were to miss that goal, you may not be sad. And if you were to reach that goal, you will be happy but may be not completely fulfilled. Now, imagine you define the goal as something to exceed by an amount that excites you. Let’s take an example. You have a sales target of x. You know that the real potential of your market is ten times your target. Your aspiration could be to reach twice this target. This would put you as one of the best sales person and will help your career tremendously. What will you do? Will your aspiration motivate you more than the target? If you decide to reach your aspiration, will you maximize your opportunities and strategies? Will this be force you to go out of your comfort zone?

Of course, if you do not have a sales related job, you can apply this to your own measurements. The fact is you can apply this to all areas of your life. Going beyond is the whole idea. Finding the motivation to do more, to be excited by what you do on a daily basis. With the right motivation, you will do more, with ease and pleasure, and you will ultimately find fulfilment. So next time you set a target, look beyond. Find the right increase of this target to increase your motivation and live better! This is one of the ways to create a life that will be like no others.

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