The power of curiosity, 4 unconventional ideas

Day 649. With a world in transformation, ideas are powerful and necessary to invent the future. It’s ideas that have made progress real, it’s ideas that have made man grow and provide solutions to complex problems, and it’s ideas that have made what seemed impossible possible. Ideas are born in curious minds. Being curious is wanting to know, to discover, to be surprised. Curiosity allows anybody to learn, fail, succeed and grow. You would assume everybody is curious. Actually, no! Mostly because people tend to stay in their comfort zone. Being curious is accepting to step outside of this comfort zone to extend it and create a new one. Without curiosity, no growth is possible! However, curiosity can be looked at like a muscle. To avoid atrophy, muscles need to be used and to allow growth and strength, muscles need to be pushed beyond their current limits.

Curiosity can grow and enlighten your life. Here are four ideas to get more curious, not really the ones you would have naturally thought about, but four very easy to execute on.

  • Buy a magazine every month on a topic you know nothing about. This could be economy, boating, fishing or jiu-jitsu. There are so many topics we know nothing about. Right in front of us are hundreds of magazines written by passionate people for other passionate people, go discover a new world!
  • Take your car, the bus or the tube and go somewhere at complete random. You can change tube when you want, you can turn right or left at any given sign, just go and at a moment, stop and discover!
  • Browse the list of museums and exhibitions in your area, pick one and pay it a visit. Do this at least once a month.
  • Maintain a list of things you are scared to do and commit to do one item every year! Yes, I know, this may sound crazy. Whatever you are scared of, do it! There are no limits and as long as you do it in full safety, risks are limited. For a majority of risks in this life, risks lie mainly in our brain!

Being curious allows to put brain plasticity at work. Numerous medical studies have now shown that new neurons and neuronal connections can be created at any age. Being and staying curious will help the brain to maintain in good health and will minimize the risks of neuro degenerative diseases. If you are already taking care of your body by exercising regularly, add curiosity to your routine to take care of your brain. Curiosity is brain workout at its best!

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