The world does not stop at your door… Go out!

Day 635. The world is big and diverse. Imagine we now know there’s water on Mars! And we would ignore our neighbors, our customers and even our friends have different interests in life than ours. When you are making money selling a certain type of products or services, you may not imagine others are making money selling other products and services. You may not realize there are millions of opportunities waiting to be seized. But we tend to be blind and deaf to those opportunities, busy we are.

There’s no scarcity on the planet. Despite huge debt value, despite wars, despite pessimists, opportunities are everywhere, fortune are made every day and people are constantly growing. Every day, you can open your door, physically, walk around your home or your office and watch. Then come back to your desk and note down every idea you had. Do this for the next 30 days. You will come with hundred ideas of new businesses or opportunities to deliver valuable service. There should one or two that will excite you. Wealth of experience is everywhere, just for you to grab. What are you waiting for?

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