There are no taboos when the end results worth it

Day 632. Growth, increase, and improvements are inherent functions of the human being. I firmly believe the day you stop improving, you start dying. What makes life interesting and valuable is constantly looking for better ways to do things better, faster, and leaner. With that in mind, no taboos can pre-exist. Is something goes in the way of improvement, it needs to be discussed and addressed. When the French Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron tells that the status of civil servants needs to be rethought, he’s breaking a taboo, but he’s right. He’s not telling things will dramatically change, although they may, he’s just saying he believes a discussion needs to happen to get serious improvement in line with modern life in the twenty-first century.

You know when you are breaking a taboo: a lot of people will be angry about you, particularly those who have defended the taboo for ages and are opposed to change. Religion, politics and societies have never created taboos by design, they have evolved and taboos have created themselves. Taboos like dogmas are dangerous artefacts and need to be challenged, otherwise, we end up with fixed system that never evolve and end up exploding under external pressure sooner than later. I’ve always thought it’s better to make things change slowly than violently when needed. But human nature resists change. It’s everyone’s duty to embrace change. There are only three constants in life: tax, death and change. Be the actor of change, not the spectator, it’s much more fulfilling. Good luck Mr Macron!

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