The incredible chance of diversity

Day 630. The more I read about what’s happening around the refugees crisis in Europe, the more I see an enormous chance lost. For the last 15 years, I had the incredible chance of traveling across the Middle-East and Africa. Two weeks ago I was in Egypt, last week in South Africa, this week back in Mauritius, in two weeks in Turkey. Call me lucky, call me crazy travelling that much, whatever, I am blessed! And I am blessed having met and worked with incredible talents from all over the world, from Brazil to Syria, from the US to Singapore, from Uganda to Senegal… from all possible religions and colors skin. In all of these people there was one common point: they ALL wanted to grow, to be better and to make others and the world better. A couple of days ago, I had dinner with a Ivorian, a Lebanese, a Mauritian and an Italian! Just freaking awesome moment!

When I read and see what is happening in France, in the UK, in Hungary, etc. I am ashamed! I understand the need of keeping people and a country safe, but man, when Europe is capable of printing trillion of Euros to bailout banks, isn’t it capable of printing a couple of billions to help people in need. People of Europe, look at how America has been built. It’s not perfect, far from it, but it has been built and continue to be build by « immigrants »! People of Europe, look at the incredible diversity that exists within and outside your borders. It’s not by closing the latter you will grow, actually this is the exact opposite, you will shrink!

Diversity is necessary, by accepting and embracing diversity, you kill extremism behaviors. By accepting and embracing diversity, you expand your thinking. By accepting and embracing diversity, you share humanity. I hope I will never have to ask for help for survival like these people from Kurdistan, Syria, Iraq or other countries, but the thing I know is if it happens, I hope somebody will be there to give me a helping hand, just to take me out of water and put me on safe ground. Europe, wake up, diversity is your chance!

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