5 little things that will make you smile everyday and contribute to your happiness



Day 618. Happiness is a choice. It’s not always an obvious one when life hits hard, but that’s one you can practice every day. Here are 5 little things that may go unnoticed, but will help big time if you celebrate them daily.

  1. You are alive. That may sound weird, but one day, our own life will end. Until that day, celebrate every single day you wake up alive. It’s another wonderful day ahead of us.
  2. Every action you planned and done. Tick! Done! A shot of dopamine, the happiness hormone! Dance, smile, hug you! It’s a tiny victory that compounds over time and makes you happier and happier.
  3. Say hello to a stranger. And smile. Just smiling at someone and saying hello provide a shot of another hormone, oxytocin, also called the hormone of love. It fights cortisol (and therefore stress).
  4. Your morning coffee/tea/juice. Whatever you drink or eat in the morning, just take one minute to savor each second and thank the universe, god or whoever you believe in.
  5. Say I love you to a friend, your spouse or whoever is helping you or has helped in the past. Love is essential to everybody. I love you are the three most powerful words you can use to show gratitude.

Happiness is not hard. Even if you are at the bottom, stressed, unhappy with your life, practicing those five simple acts will bring magic back into your life. Things do not happen by magic, they come to those who seek them, and sometimes, what is required is just a first simple step!

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