Happiness, smile and music

(c) The Piano Guys

(c) The Piano Guys

Day 611. Okay, yesterday’s post was a rant. Not really against our politics who, by design, are freaking liars, but against stupidity of our world that seems more interested by scandals and trivialities, than real questions and challenges. Hopefully, there’s a ton of persons who are seeing things positively, who contributes to happiness, who help building a never ending better world. The video below is one of those moments. I love music, particularly classical music, and a piano is on my gift list (mine does not work anymore, grrrr).

I just bumped on the below video. Three things made me smile in this video: the beat, the smiles, the ice. Whether you like « Let It Go » from « Frozen » or not (or cannot listen to it anymore :-)), the mix between Vivaldi’s Winter and Let it Go is well managed and joyously played. The piano and cello players are just looking as they are enjoying themselves, so refreshing when most people complain about their job. The ice castle is wonderfully made and wait until the last images for a full view. Enjoy, and I hope it will make you smile as it made my day.

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