Nothing is given, you have to take it…

Day 572 I HATE this feeling of entitlement more and more people have nowadays. People feels entitled although nothing come for free, not without efforts. There’s always a price to pay. Most of the time now, this price is hidden and we may not realize we pay it. Free of charge internet comes with ads. Free of charge pension comes with additional tax. Free of charge plastic bags come with killing nature. And so on. Whatever you do, realize that even free things comes at a price, that you are entitled to nothing.

Nothing is given, nothing comes for free. You have to work, hard, you have to ask for it, you have to take it. If you think successful and fulfilled people are lucky, think again. Some people are lucky, that’s true, but most of them have tried, failed and tried again, until success. Luck comes with failure, luck comes with hard work, and luck comes with trying and trying. Next time, you think you’re entitled to something, think again, and work for it!

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