First times are always great learnings

Day 563. It’s about confronting fear, it’s about going to the unknown, and it’s about growing. Today, we are starting a social media campaign around our first times, following our partnership for the last 18 months with the African cycling team MTN Qhubeka’s first participation to the Tour de France. It has not been simple, neither for them nor for us, because for them, is their first on the Tour de France, the most mythical cycling team. For us, because it was our first sport sponsorship experience and we had to go through a journey to understand how to do this.


Today, I am proud of my first time and of the team’s. It’s been a ride, but so much rewarding! So, even if you are not into cycling, go and have a look at the Tour de France, look for the MTN Qhubeka jerseys, and be part of the excitement! Another 10 days before the arrival on the Champs Elysées in Paris, through the Pyrénées and the Alps, so some wonderful moments to share and hope that the team will continue to shine!


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