If you are not scared, you are not growing…



Day 552. Taking risk is an inherent part of our lives. Unfortunately, society has become complacent and education has moved generations of kids in a « no risk » zone, due to increased lawsuits. People are therefore considering risks as something to avoid at all price. However, not taking risks is the greater risk of all. Not taking risk is putting yourself at the mercy of those who will take risks. Not taking risks is wearing the shoes of potential victims. Not taking risks is leaving the best opportunities to others.

Taking risk does not mean betting your house or jumping from a cliff without any knowledge and experience of base jumping. Taking risks is all about moving out of the comfort zone, expanding its borders. Taking risks is jumping into the unknown, leading your life. Of course with risk comes fear that we may fail, fear that we may not be up to the game, fear that we may get hurt. With risk comes potential success, potential win, and potential growth. There’s a price to pay and rewards to win.

With risk comes fear, meaning taking risk is a scary endeavor. The only sensible way to get rid of fear is to confront it, not to ignore it by turning your back. The first skydive will scare you, may be, the second will be smoother. Fear will keep you on your toes, will require that you are always walking on a high wire. Without a little pinch in your belly, you will become complacent and will stop growing, taking the risk of becoming obsolete. Every day, check if you are scared, at least a little, if not, you are just not growing. It’s a choice, but not taking risk is the greatest risk of all!

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