3 simple principles to get the unexpected expected



Day 545. No projects, no plans ever run as expected. You should always expect the unexpected, but not be frozen by the unexpected. It may not happen, however, to avoid really bad surprises, here are 3 simple tips to get ready when the unexpected occur:

  1. Change is natural so welcome the unexpected. No need to have regrets, what’s gone’s gone! Be ready to embrace change by being flexible and not surprised.
  2. Have plans B ready. When the unexpected strikes, you may need to slightly change directions. Have one or many plans B ready, in all the 3 directions of any project: time, quality and resources. If the unexpected strikes, trigger one of those plans. This may require additional planning, but you won’t regret it.
  3. Be a lifetime learner and ensure your team is. When the unexpected strikes, stop, reflect, document and learn. Nothing’s best to learn and grow.

Nobody likes a project that goes in the wrong direction. By embracing those 3 simple principles, you’ll ensure that you can deliver confidently what you forecasted. Not rocket science, just confidence and flexibility.

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