It’s Monday, What are YOU going to do differently this week?

Day 538. Hey, just sharing an idea with you guys. I was running yesterday, through the forest that I have the chance to live by, under a gorgeous blue sky. Running is generally an idea generation time. It’s probably the hormones that my brain generates that makes it working differently or faster. I had many ideas flowing during this run. Among others came productivity ideas (I will come to these ones in later post), post ideas and one simple idea of how better planning the week.

If you part of my regular follower, you know I am always looking for better ways to be more productive and one of those ways is to plan the week ahead. In the planning sessions I have on Sunday evening I look at my short, mid and long term goals and ensure my planning reflects all of those and help me getting closer to them.

One thing I overlooked actually was around what I need to learn to get to my goals faster and better. And to that ties the question I used as the title. Learning is about doing things differently or doing new things. Therefore, there is one question that needs to be answered week in week out: what am I going to do differently this week? This could be a new thing I will start doing to increase efficiency, a thing I will stop doing in order to snoop in something new, or a thing I will tweak.

Therefore, during the Sunday planning, two questions are added:

  1. What did I do differently (and what did I learn) that I can continue doing, because it made a difference?
  2. What will I do differently this week to continue learning and improving?

Simple to implement, huge learning and growing opportunity.

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