Thank God It’s (already/only) Friday!

Day 535. TGIF! Everybody knows what it means. It means that for a majority of people, this is the last working day of the week before a two-day week-end. Of course, this alludes to the fact that working is a chore and yes, the last day of a chore feels good. But it has another subtle meaning: the last four days were days of suffering and yes, this is about to be over!

Now, the question you have to ask yourself is: are you ready to spend five seventh of your life (around 70%) of your life suffering? I am not! Once image I always refer to is the coin. A coin has two faces, although it’s the same coin. A job has two faces to, and it’s your decision to look at the one you want. Either you chose to make it valuable and pleasurable, or invaluable and disagreeable. With the later, TGIF (but man, WTF). In the former, what? TGI already/only F! I had a great week and I look forward to Monday.

This is not about enjoying what you dislike, it’s about making your life a pleasurable experience. We have only one life I believe, and this should be a life of everyday happiness. Easier said than done? It’s a choice, like every action you take or do not take. Ready to toss the coin?

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