Nothing ever works as expected

Day 534. Whatever you plan, whatever you do, never ever expect things to run and work as expected. There will always be this tiny cloud in front of the sun, this speck of sand in the sandal, this small black dot on the white page. So be it! You can always wait for the cloud to move, get the sand out and wipe clean the while page, but it will have been an unexpected hurdle.

Ever ran a marathon? If you do, there will always be a moment you will want to quit, even if you went through the best ever preparation and started with a high spirit. And this is the exact moment you should NOT quit. This is the exact moment you have to take action to go beyond this moment. You may call it the wall of pain, Murphy’s law, sh*t happens, whatever. It will happen and you have to go through.

This is generally the reason why people do not plan. If you do not plan you’re never surprised. True and false. Because if you plan, you are prepared, whereas when you do not plan, you’re unprepared. Change is natural and nothing works as expected. This is a basic rule of any project. Get prepared and go! Do not quit!

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