Repetition makes perfection

Day 532. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and when you’re done, repeat again. An actor on a stage has rehearsed an incredible amount of time to make you feel the play is natural. A habit ingrained in our behavior is the consequence of thousands of conscious or unconscious repetition. If you want to play a music instrument, you’ll need to repeat hundreds of time a sequence before it becomes « natural » for your fingers.

And we want things to be perfect in a matter of hours! It’s foolish! The 10,000-hour principles describes by Malcom Gladwell is the book Outliers, though it can be proven wrong sometimes, shows that perfection does not come overnight, but it the consequence of hours and hours and hours of repetition, of work. Rome was not build on a day, as the old saying goes, and so is perfection.

The path to success is neither straight nor easy, it’s not what is shown in magazines or on TV. The path to success is paved with sweat, blood and tears to paraphrase Winston Churchill. Your goal is there to be reached, it’s your choice to put the efforts to make it, and to fall one hundred times and stand up one hundred and one times.

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