Taking risks means accepting learning



Day 530. Every month, my boss’s boss reminds everybody that either we win or we… learn. I like the idea, because it shifts with subtlety to a positive stance. Popular wisdom says that the « winner takes it all » and the others get nothing. Actually, you can say the others get nothing and if you are one of the others, you can put in your minds that you lost and got nothing.

However, it’s your choice to decide whether you got nothing or got something. Because I truly believe, you got something invaluable: you tried and did not come first. The two questions being: Why did not I come first? What should I do differently do come first? And this is the best learning ever. Coming second or third is a blessing, as much as coming first. First gets the reward, second gets the learning.

If you start looking at potential failure as learning experiences, you will change the perception you have of risks. This does not mean you should start to act foolishly as consequences of foolish behaviors can be dramatic, but this will make your decision making process fluid and bold.

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