Calm or anger?

Public domain photograph CC0 -

Public domain photograph CC0 –

Day 524. You just had a bad day, and you are angry. Or maybe people were angry at you the whole day and you become angry. Anger feeds anger, and does not solve anything. The only way to kill anger is by getting calmer. The only way to stop the yelling is by talking low. Dealing with somebody angry is by staying calm and asking clarifying questions. Anger does not support facts. The best question to ask: how can I help you?

It’s easy to lose our temper, it’s harder to stay calm. There’s no easy way to deal with our own anger, but to learn to reflect on why we are angry and by remembering that anger does not provide any solution, it just makes thing worse and creates bitterness. The calmer always wins the argument. In the end, anger is just the proof of failure, if failure needs any. Never surrender in face of anger, just smile and answer normally, anger will deflate like a leaking balloon.

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