Sunday routine

Photograph by Joschko Hammermann -

Photograph by Joschko Hammermann –

Day 523 Just for the fun of it… Sunday is like no other day. It’s supposed to be a day without constraints. However, it’s not a day without some routine so you make it as productive as any other day of the week. Hey routine has not to be lame, it can be fun too. Here’s mine: lounging in bed, late breakfast, a long run in the forest with my wife (slow pace, long discussions), some gardening (there’s always something to do or to clean) under a glorious sunshine, checking kids’ homework, waterskiing, surfing or kitesurfing depending on wind condition, enjoying a nice barbeque, going back on water, and if all goes well, we can almost call it a day.

The only parallel with other days? It’s full, of action, of love and of care. Grateful!

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