5 not so rational reasons to stop smoking



Day 522. Everybody knows smoking kills. However, most smokers cannot stop smoking, due to the fact that smoking is an addictive drug. The reasons behind the addiction are well known and the negative health effects of tobacco are known: cancer, heart disease, aneurysms, bronchitis, emphysema, and stroke, just to name a few. Despite the risks people continue to smoke or start to smoke. The marketing effect is still very strong and smoking is seen as being cool, before it gets into your brain through nicotine.

Because of emotional and chemical reasons behind addiction, logical reasons have little to no effect on stopping. I used to smoke and some days like that while others hate it. What decided me was the two reasons described in Alan Carr’s book Easy way to stop smoking:

  • Tobacco is a drug and you are not responsible of your addiction to smoking beyond the first cigarettes you tried that hooked you on nicotine addiction
  • Entering the non-smoker’s world is a choice. In other words, you can be happy without tobacco (you are actually more happy without tobacco).

But having discussed with some smokers, even those two reasons are too rational. I came up with five that have some echoes in conversations with smokers, because they do not seem to be as rational as all the good reasons nonsmokers generally give.

  • Even on a party where you have drunk a little too much, if you do not smoke the next morning is much, much better. Alcohol and tobacco have an additive effect that gives these terrible headaches and horrible feeling in the mouth and throat.
  • If you have to choose between one year of cigarettes at home or two weeks of holidays in the Bahamas (replace by any place you would like to visit)? Why the choice? It’s the same price!
  • You can come back home sooner every day. An average smoker loses around one hour of productive work every day due to the pauses he/she needs. Tobacco put a high tax on your productivity.
  • You’ll be able to make love more and longer. Tobacco and sex are not good friends. Tobacco causes vascular problems and direct erectile dysfunction. Less tobacco means more sex.
  • 15 times more nicotine and you’re dead. A cigarette contains around 30 mg of nicotine. If that does was half a gram, it will kill you, this is how lethal nicotine is.

It’s never a better time to stop than now.

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