7 things to smile at to start your day with a positive mood

Photograph by Stefanus Martanto Setyo Husodo  - unsplash.com

Photograph by Stefanus Martanto Setyo Husodo – unsplash.com

Day 520. Some mornings are better than others. When you wake up to what seems to you a tough day ahead, think about those 7 smiles you can have just to remind you that it’s you and only you who have the power to see things through a positive lens.

  • You are alive. We have only one life and even when life throw a curve ball at us, it’s something to learn about, but hey, smile, you’re alive and it has no price.
  • Your morning coffee/tea. It feels good whether it’s cold outside or just dark, this hot beverage is something you like, smile at it, it feels good.
  • The morning sun or the morning clouds. Both are natural and necessary for life to exist. Although I love sunny days, I love to see the shape and the color of clouds, it’s full of magic. Smile at them!
  • The beautiful building you are seeing every day without seeing it. Habits tend to make things invisible, fight back! Look at this building or monument, and enjoy its details, colors, architecture. It’s a piece of beautiful art.
  • People. Smiling at people does cost a dime and is a great experience. Most people will think you are a loony, but I prefer being a smiling loony than a grinning serious guy.
  • Your spouse and your kid. You love them, show them. Yes, a family can have its bad moments, you may be bored, but remember how you loved them, it’s in your power to find this love again, smile at them! And if you are alone, smile at your neighbor, who knows, he/she can become closer
  • Nothing and everything. No need to have a reason to smile, just smile for the sake of smiling. As we say, if you cannot make it, fake it… soon this smile will pour happiness in your veins.

Scientifically proven, a smile has powerful effects. Be the change in your life and in other’s, smile!

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