When in doubt, dare! 5 scary things you have to dare to do

(c) Robin Sharma

(c) Robin Sharma

Day 519. Yesterday, among the many messages on my twitter flow was this one from Robin Sharma. How many times do we doubt and drop the ball, following the path of least resistance? We all have experienced the feeling of the little voice inside our head saying, « don’t do it, it’ll fail » or « don’t do it, you’ll look like a fool ». This quote and image reminds us that we need to slap down the little voice and jump.

Yes it may fail, yes, we may look like a fool, but we would have tried. How many times did you regret not having done something you would have loved to do but did not for whatever lie you told yourself. Of course we always need to balance things in life, but burying our dreams and our bold ideas is the best way to put aside what makes the beauty of life and what makes the best way to learn. Here are 5 examples of things you may have doubt on but should dare to do.

  • Going to see your boss to discuss your next promotion. Nobody’s entitled to a promotion even when you have worked hard. However, going to talk to your boss on what he/she thinks you need to do to be on the next promotion list is the smartest way to learn and to know what to do. Dare! He/she’s a human being like you.
  • Skydiving. Man, this is scary, jumping from an airplane at 12 or 15,000 feet with just a parachute. You’re scared because it may kill you. There’s actually more risk to be killed by crossing a busy street than by skydiving. Dare! Book your seat to the nearest club and do it. The feeling is just awesome.
  • Giving your point of view. Because you are not outspoken or slightly introvert, you may not be comfortable challenging the ideas shared during a meeting. Furthermore, you’ve never done it so you do not want to look like a fool. Dare! You will surprise for sure, but you will contribute and there’s a good chance you’ll be heard.
  • Stepping forward for a stretch assignment. You are busy, you do not have time for more. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn how to handle more differently. Yes, it may make you uncomfortable, but the only way to increase our comfort zone is by stepping out of it to redefine its borders. Dare!
  • Going to a far place you’ve never been too, and preferably where you do not speak the language. Ever been stuck in a country where nobody speaks your language. It’s never a horrible experience because most people are nice with strangers and you will experience kindness from people who owe you nothing. Scary, but much less than you imagine. Dare!

I can go on and on like this. It requires courage, but more than this, it just requires to change your point of view. Horrible outcomes are first to come to mind and this is why we tend not to dare, but imagination can be changed to positive outcome. Like workout, it’s a matter of training. Teach your brain to imagine a positive future and its likely to happen.

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