Acting more, talking less, and connecting more

page31_picture0_1317682965Day 509. We often hear about the number of useless meetings, of emails, of information, etc. Like entropy, some things then to increase with, what seems, no limit. However, it’s in our decision space to accept and to change those things. In my professional environment, I’ve experienced over the last years, shorter meetings and the decrease of small talk. This has not happened because something is in the air. It has been a conscious decision. Even leadership meetings of business reviews have gone through a serious diet.

This is a clear signal to our various stakeholders that we need to act more and to talk less. Being on a diet is not just about changing the way we eat, it’s also about exercising more or, at least, differently. It’s the same with talking. Talking less means not only taking faster decision, it’s also about acting more, being more in the field, creating more connections. Look at your days, do you spend too much time talking? Reject meeting requests, reduce meeting time, and deliberately connect with one more people every day. Not only your productivity will increase, your happiness and your bottom line will too!

Ready, get set, go!

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