Day 470 – The struggle

Day 470Some days are better than others. Some days, you struggle on that idea, you stumble upon this concept, you are not clear, ideas are blurred. One of those days. It’s what Steven Pressfield, the author of the War of Art, calls resistance. Resistance is my struggle, the little devil that spoils my effort, the nasty little voice that says you will not be able to do it.

You get rid of the struggle IMHO in two steps:

  1. Acknowledging the struggle is real. Because it is, if you struggle do not ignore it or do not bang your head on your table, fighting the struggle with its own power, it will only reinforce it. The struggle’s power increase with your energy to fight it.
  2. Ignoring it by acting. Do not fight the struggle, change the action. The struggle will die by itself and next time or a further time, it will disappear like magic.

Everybody has the capacity to win over our own struggles, doing it with sheer force will result in energy drain. We have to be smarter, and we can!

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