Day 465 – What will be your 5 wins today ?

Day 465This morning, my tweet feed contained this little message from Robin Sharma: What will be your 5 wins today?     And the picture on the tweet was the one I put on the right of this post. This is just so simple and so powerful. Every day, all of us do little things, win little victories, and contribute to a better world, most of the time without noticing. This post reminds us to notice. When we become intentional, we increase our footprint. When we become intentional, we notice and other notice too, even if they do not say it (but this is another story). So what are your 5 intentions of the day that will be your 5 wins today? Let me share mine to help you:

  • My daily running routine is generally around 5 to 6 kilometers. I felt for a while that I needed a little more, so today, I left 15 minutes sooner and did 8 kilometers. I feel great! – 8:00 AM – WIN 1, won!
  • I generally postpone the writing of this daily blog post to later in the day, when I have a gap, but it generates some stress, so today, my win was to write it before 8:30 AM, and here it is (I scheduled it for later though) – 8:26AM WIN 2, won
  • I booked time to prepare for two important meetings I have today so I can get more impactful and contribute more during those. Win in preparation. UPDATE – 11:35 AM, WIN 3, won!
  • I set the goal of cleaning my due tasks. There are not much, 4, but it will require some work without being disturbed. Time blocked in my calendar. Win ahead. UPDATE – 12:04 PM, WIN 4, won!
  • I will review my personal task list for the week-end before I leave on holiday in 10 days, so I am sure nothing will have been forgotten so I can benefit fully from my holiday with my wife and elder son. Beautiful win in sight. UPDATE – 10:18PM, WIN 5, won!

Voilà, this is not that hard. It took me 5 minutes. And I have a powerful blog post and a fantastic day ahead. Thank you Monsieur Sharma, once again you rock!

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