Day 464 – Extremes are always dangerous

Whether it’s called Ukip in Great Britain, Tea Party in the US, Front National in France or many other extremist parties across the world, they are all dangerous, because rooted on the hatred of others. I have said and written multiple times that diversity is a richness. By reducing their views to their own nation and wanting to close it to external influences, they refuse to see how the world has positively grown over the last centuries and particularly since WW2.

These days, I am fascinated by the fact that a rich culture like the German one during the Weimar Republic had turn into a racist and hatred one under the leadership of Hitler, in a matter of years. Yes, there was the great crisis of 1929, the humiliation of the Versailles Treaty, but moving from a rich and diverse culture and diving into such a dark one is fascinating.

I do not have a definitive view nor answer on this transformation, but it shows that things can go fast and can go unoticed for a certain period of time. I think that the « war » between the Le Pen father and daughter is the proof that those parties are rooted in denial of what happened a hundred years ago. Those parties cannot solve a country issue, they can only transform light into darkness because they close the door to world realities. Voilà, devil hides in the details and solutions are never in extremes.

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