Day 458 – Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone!

Day 458Almost two years ago, I had written an article in the Le Matinal entitled the same way, posted on this blog, and translated here. I was then giving the 5 Ss of being brief, bright and gone. But what stroke me those last couple of days is how verbose people can be on topics they do not have a single ounce on influence on, nor understand the real influence it has on their lives. Not that chitchatting is not a pleasant activity once in a while. It’s sometimes relaxing to discuss futile topics. However, I tend to focus my life on what and how I can make a difference in the world, close or far.

For instance, read the whole noise around the elections in France or about the crash of the Germanwings flight. Of course those are important or dramatic topics that may impact millions of people. Now what influence do I (or you, individually) have on them? Probably none. Will they have an influence on me (or you)? Can I do something about this influence? If you do not live in a specific part of France, it has no real influence on you. On the flight security, it will have a possible positive influence if you are flying once in a while, but it may not really lead to a difference in the way to travel or make a decision on travel.

However, you cannot open a newspaper, listen to a radio broadcast without having news on one of those topics. So if you want to comment on things you do not influence or which do not have any influence direct or indirect on my or you, be brief, be bright and be gone. We all have 24 hours every day and spending any extra minute on topics that we cannot influence is just a list topic. It’s not being uninterested in the world, it’s just focusing on what you can really deliver!

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