Day 457 – How many books do you read a year?

Day 457Since the invention of writing, books have always fascinated and have contained all sorts of truths. Nowadays, with the advent of electronic books, the market of books has exploded and millions of new books are published every year. With this explosion, I feel I do not have time to read all the great books that are published every month. However, my Kindle is full of ebooks I have not read yet and my library full of paper books I have not read yet, so I am sure I have always a book to read. The one I am currently reading is changing my perception on how the brain works and how marketers are getting results. But I will post later on this one, because it requires at least one post.

So the question I asked is insightful on how you progress, you move your thinking forward, you learn new things to help you refine your craft. If I were to give a good number to really make progress tangible, I would give 52. One a week! And this should be the baseline. We some training on speed reading, you can probably go up to 100, fiction and non-fiction. Fiction is great for expanding your mind and non-fiction for expanding your art.

You may say that you do not have time to read books. Well you may have time to listen to audio books instead of the news during your commuting time for instance. You may say that you do not like reading or you do not know where to start: here’s a good pointer to start reading. It’s low cost and can be read on your tablet with the Kindle app. You may say that you do not know what to read: here is the list of 100 best fiction books by Wikipedia, and here the list of 100 best nonfiction books my The Modern Library (you will find top 100 novels here as well). So get a Kindle or go to the nearest library or book store, and start reading!

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