Day 456 – Are you doing things because they’re easy or because they’re hard?

Day 456As we were closing the first quarter of the calendar year 2015 yesterday, a colleague of mine came up with the fact that selling is not always easy, but we need to give our best to close deals. This made me think of the speech that JFK gave when he announced that the USA has engaged into going to the moon, and doing « these things not because they are easy but because they are hard ». Anybody can do easy things, a few can do hard things. Are you willing to go one step further or settle when things get tough?

There is a difference between being happy doing something hard and suffering doing something hard. We do something hard to grow, to expand our limits, to past our fears. The current world is teaching people to avoid risks, to insure everything including our lives, to avoid effort. The current world is creating the gap between people who get satisfied by doing easy things and people who get satisfied by doing hard things. And the current world, paranoid as it is, make people who are doing easy things angry against people who are doing hard things because they succeed.

Success is not about doing things because they’re easy, but because they’re hard. If you’re not doing hard things, things that challenge you, things that make you uncomfortable, things that force you to face your fears and win over them, then you are not pushing hard enough. Don’t get mad against others because they succeed more or faster, learn from them, look for what makes their success and work hard to enjoy the same success. Enough complaining and whining, act and win!

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