Day 452 – what’s up doc?

I did 365 days of daily post last year in French. Will do them in English this year. For those who want my post in French, use the Microsoft Translator dropdown on the right. It may not be perfect French, but you know, robots will get better over time and their French will improve dramatically. Compris ?

As said in the previous post (in French, for you who speaks English, use the Microsoft Translator dropdown to translate the previous post in French J), I am back on posting daily, my thoughts of the day. Since I jumped over 86 days already, I am late, like Alice’s rabbit, and therefore I am full of ideas that I need to put on the virtual paper of my blog. So wazzup ? In random order:

  • Change the design of that blog (too … and too… so need to go back to simple, smart, sweet design). Will work on this.
  • Comment on my latest learnings from my job and the news
  • Deliver rants on the crisis… Crisis? What crisis? Well our European friends are in deep sh… Chinese have not yet realized they are and Americans seem out, but could be again. However, there are simple ways to get out for you and your beloved ones.
  • Write on my latest readings (the last book that I have not finished is just a mind-blowing eye opener of why people are so irrational, more on this soon).
  • Tell you why you should leave France now if you have not done so yet.
  • Explain why the world is just wonderful and why you should stop listening to all people who tell you the opposite.

Voilà. This is it for the moment and for my first post of season 2 of the one-post-a-day, à la Seth Godin (he’s a master, I’m just a young Padawan).

All the best, have a great week-end and see you tomorrow!

Oh, before I leave… do comment on my posts. Just say a few words, even if it’s hello or yuck! Just a word will start a conversation.

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